Hello, my name is Andreas Viglakis.
I am a designer working at the intersection of maps, cities, graphic design, and data visualization.

I recently graduated from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, and am currently a designer at Mapbox. I have previously worked as an architect and urban designer in Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York.

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This site hosts a selection of research and design projects.
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Mapping and Visualization

Maps enable designers of all stripes to tell stories and construct narratives. My forays into this type of practice initially emerged from architectural and urban design work, but mapping and data visualization have, over time, become end products themselves. My work in this area is presently centered around transportation infrastructure and watershed geographies.

Urban Design and Architecture

I have used my urban and architectural work as a testing of new urban scenarios and architectural types against a certain constraint, be it floods, water shortages or even a waste crisis. In each case space, at a variety of scales, is used a means of crafting a response to a problem or issue facing a given site.